Here at Eastern Cuisine Wales we are able to offer you tailor made solutions to meet to your high expectations whatever the event. Our expert chefs and event managers will work closely with you to ensure that everything down to smallest detail is covered and nothing is overlooked. We can provide full packages to go along with our mouth watering food and it is our ability to deliver exactly what you require that has given us our reputation we hold so dear.

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Our wedding, mehndi  stage decor are some of the best available, with unique fabric and special lighting we can make that special day a great treat for the eyes! Whatever the theme of your wedding stage, we can provide you with stunning and tasteful décor that will transform your venue from a mundane setting to an environment that dreams are made of. Eastern Cuisine Wales will crown your event with that wow factor to delight you and take your guests breath away.


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Our dedicated and experienced team of personal consultants work closely with our clients and venues, step by step through the whole process: from chair cover fitting, linen sizes and all special effects and lighting services, with a hassle free service, to ensure you the client get the results that exceed your expectations. Our standards are adhered to and implemented in all our products and services.


Fresh, beautiful flowers are the ultimate finish to the perfect look on your wedding day. Classic elegance, Traditionally feminine or Contemporary twist… whatever you decide, we will create it with all the style and passion you could wish for.



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We have the most luxurious and clean cars in the industry available for your wedding day. If stylish and stress free transport is on your wish list for your special day, then we can provide just that, taking the worry out of your wedding travel logistics with unsurpassable service and cars. Our luxurious cars are only driven by our exceptionally professional, experienced chauffeurs, dedicated to providing the best service that your special day deserves.


We can supply any size of wedding cake you need to cater for your many guests, have all your tiers in different flavours or even different colours, incorporating you wedding day colours, style and theme. All our celebration and wedding cakes are made with the utmost attention to detail, to provide that special and memorable centrepiece for your celebration. We can also provide wedding cake stands, wedding cake delivery, and wedding favours in chocolate or wedding cookies.


Traditionally, table settings have always been a small flower arrangement, but these days a more modern look is to use floating flowers or candles, or a mix of both. Candles look great, especially as the evening draws on and they’re lit. Eastern Cuisine Wales promises to provide you with the most luxurious table settings for your special day.


Our photographers take their photographs when people are not aware of the camera and much of our wedding photographers work in this way. Our wedding photographers will become observers at your wedding, quietly capturing the special moments as they unfold. Our reportage style of Asian wedding photography is perfect for capturing all the visual splendour and significance of an Asian wedding ceremony.


Marquees have a unique atmosphere. Set up, temporarily, for a single occasion, they are a space apart from normal life, embodying the special ness of an event. Hiring a marquee also gives you the opportunity to welcome guests to a wedding reception at home. We aim to provide a high quality product, professionally installed, with knowledgeable advice and friendly service.