Vegetable Samosa

Vegetable filling in crispy leaves of pastry cooked and deep fried (large & cocktail sizes available)


Aalu Tikki (Potato Cutlets)

Home made pakistani style medium spiced vegetable cutlets made with mashed potatoes.


Spring Roll

Filo pastry rolls filled with chinese style vegetables


Onion Bhajia


Mixed Bhajia


Daal Bhajia


Mushroom Pakora



Fresh mushrooms in a lightly spiced batter


Aalu Chana Chaat


Chana Masala


Aalu Paperi Chaat

Aalu chana, yoghurt and tamarind sauce with chaat masala



Rice crisps mixed with fresh chopped onions, tomatoes, and coriander. Prepared with a tamarind base chutney.


Paneer Tikka

Cubed cheese, marinated and cooked in our tandoor


Dahi Bhalle


Roast Potatoes